In a Weekend Optimize Your Health

Ready to Up Level Your Health Performance?

My VIP days take your health and wellbeing to the next level. All served with a huge dose of openness and comfort, completely tailored to you in a transformational 24 hours.

“We Can Not Change What We Don't Know. 

So Focus on Understanding The UnKnown to Get to The Root Cause.”

i see you...

You feel terrible almost everyday.

You go from one treatment to another, one program to other one, courses, coaches, and probably even doctors?
You know that your conditions is real and serious.

But nobody seems to understand what your dealing with. They all said that it’s gonna get better.

And yet… it’s not happening.

you're paralyzed...

You’re bombarded with conflicting advice about what to eat, what supplements to take or which diet programs is the right one for you.

There are many health foods and supplements recommendation everywhere on your feeds. Yet you just don’t seems to care.

Another therapy?

Another diet to try?

Another programs to follow? 

You’re just feeling overwhelmed and want everything to just get better.

you're confused...

Your test results shows conflictioning result or no results even. You seems okay on the outside. Yet you complaint many things about health that is keep coming back every now and then.

Deep down you’re terrified that it’s something that you’re going to live with forever. Which put your future into a dark scenery.

What Will You Get


1 on 1 Consultation and Brainstorming Session provide you with greater chance of getting your story heard and find the root cause of your problems.


Additional Resources that support your ongoing changes and learning.


Email Support for 2 weeks that helps when an unexpected changes happen and when you just need more guidance.

What if someone tell you the core problems that is happening to you and gave you your own health plan that is easy and resolve all your health complaints and bring back your best and optimized health...

All In a Weekend?


  • You know what’s really behind all those tiredness, stress, allergy, mood swings, muscles sores and headaches?
  • You don’t get common cold so common anymore?
  • Your muscles sores and joint pain seem like history in the past?
  • You can have twice or even thrice the amount of energy that you have right now? What can you do with that?
  • You get your focus, attention and memory ability back to how they were? Or even better?
  • You stopped taking that medications that just don’t work?
  • You can have better performance at work and business because your health is getting optimized?

Let’s turn those ‘If's’ into your reality right now

I am taking everything I know and we will dive deep into your health problems, following to the core of your health issues and plan the best personalized health plan for you.

This is a day where you’ll finally understand:

your health core problems

If you don’t know your CORE problems that causing all the tangles in your metabolic pathway, then you’ll always going to circle around your health and never really heal. We’ll work together on your symptoms, medical history and daily habit to uncover your true Core Problems.

your next health plan

They say when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. When you finally know what’s wrong, you’ll need a plan to work toward it. Here, we’ll work together to build a health plan that is effective, fit into your lifestyle, and something you can enjoy doing it.

your personalized implementation

Everything we do ultimately comes down to how good you can implement all of those things that we already uncover and plan. This is where the implementation comes in handy. We will schedules, work on the tools that you are going to need, additional supplements and anything that can help you implement the plan the best as it can be.

Your VIP Wellness Weekend is hosted by me...
dr. Lisa Silvani

Hi, I’m Lisa Silvani. I'm a medical doctor and practice Anti Aging, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

So, what does that mean? When I treat and make a health plan for my patients, I look at genetics, lifestyle, and environment before planning the best ways for them to get back on their health. It's not a one size fits all type of treatment, it's a personalized medicine. My goal is to help people transform their life by taking the healthy journey to their best self.
I help people especially women to reduce their health burden, balance metabolism, increase energy & optimize Quality of Life. I do this with my workshops, 1on1 consultation, courses and group programs.
I love it when people manage to change their life because their health has improved with better lifetsyle choices. I hope the same thing for you.

Stay Healthy,

What exactly do I get In a Weekend?


A complete check up into your personal health record to find your core health problems


A brainstorming session to expand your Wellness Vision, so you can identify exactly how you want to feel, why, and how to get there


Customized program to balance your metabolism and heal your body


A doable customized action plan for moving your health into the next level.


Lifetime access to a custom replay area with recordings of our day together


Additional resources (eBooks, supplements, video courses, etc.) to speed up your progress, and keep you focused


Email support for 2 weeks after our time together, so you can ask me your most important questions, and stay crystal clear about your plan