Your Genes Makes For Who You Are

"You Can't Change Your Genes, But You Surely Able To Modify Them"

Genes are part of us that shaped not only our history but also our future. Genetic has been tremendous benefit in giving us the link back to our ancient story of ancestry. Knowing who we are and how all of human race are only an inch apart from one another is a great feeling of contentment. We always have that need to belong in a bigger community. Being a part of something greater than us always strike rejoice inside our heart.

And there’s a part of legal benefit from genes and it has been used for many cases of parental and paternity test to determine the father of a child which is crucial not only for survival of the child but also for legal issues that happens during divorce, adoptions, etc. On the other hand, genetic test also being used in law enforcement as means of finding victims or suspects identity.

So, what kind of potentials can we expected from DNA test?

Genes are not something that we can control. Although there is already possibility for a gene alteration that has been progressed by scientist around the world, it’s not feasible yet. What we can do now with these results is by modifying our environment and how we live to suppress our negative genes. We can do this by enhancing the food we eat, doing things differently, exercising differently and many many more. And then aim also to make sure there are no further interruption for our neutral and positive genes. This way, we are creating our own destiny.

"Your SNP act as a differentiator, where no one will have all the same SNP in their body. "

For healthcare, the advancement of genetic brings endless possibility to track down any possible traits or genetic disorder which comes in very handy to predict future health problems for their offspring. But the works has just been started.

Genetic testing then expands to more than traits and genetic disorder. It also gives knowledge on how human body works on DNA level. With Genes and DNA test, we could understand the differences between person on how their body works from their senses, nerves, detox systems, athletic capacity and even predict their susceptibility to stress. Knowing this information will be valuable not only for health systems and disease prevention but also to increase their own potential and reduce risks. This knowledge can be translated into many other areas such as athlete training, working and learning capacity, and managing complex diseases.

A DNA test is a test to read your SNP or Single Nucleotide Peptide. Your SNP act as a differentiator, where no one will have all the same SNP in their body. This is what makes each and one of use unique. Now, if you’re still wondering. We can have similarity with our parents, siblings and ancestor and that is why we can track ancestry through DNA test. But we will still have at least 0,1% difference and that is what makes us who we are. We are not the same. Even with our parents. Even twin siblings still have these differences.

Now, we can truly understand why some people can drink coffee more than 5 glasses everyday and have no heart problems while others get their heart pounded with 1 cup of coffee in the morning. Or why some people can’t tolerate milk and dairy products and get diarrhea every time they eat that.

The potentials of this test of course go beyond food and diet choices alone. Currently, there are over 200.000 SNP or Single Nucleotide Peptide that has been detected. While not all of them are useful or have any value on our health, the number is a staggering proof that this field of medicine grows exponentially. It won’t be long until we can actually choose what color of our child’s eye we want.

But, still it’s a long way to go before that could happen. In the meantime, we have to be satisfied with the various health threats that we can tackle by knowing our DNA profiles. But, before that, let’s take a look a little closer to what is being generated by this genetic or DNA test.

From diet to exercise to disease prevention, all can be generated through a single DNA Sequencing test. The DNA sequencing measures SNP which is different for all of us. Each of SNP related to one gene that control a part of our metabolism. Now, these SNP can have positive, neutral or negative influences on our health. A positive SNP means that the gene affect our health system in a favorable way that enhance our health and reduce the risk of disease. While a negative SNP means that the gene affect our health in the opposite directions. It increases our body burden and risk of disease by affecting how our metabolism works.

Talking about Nutrigenomic testing, there are five important things that these test can tell you about yourself.

The first one is what kind of food should you eat. When you do a nutrigenomic tests, you will know what food that gives you allergic reactions, what food you are usually craving on, and how your body response to coffee and alcohol. It also tells you what kind of food you should avoid and eat when you want to lose weight. Overall it gives you the summary of food types you should be eating and avoiding to live a healthy life.

The second part is what kind of exercise should you do. With genetic testing, you will understand what muscle fibers type your body have. This will determined which exercise types you will excel at and what kind of exercise that you should avoid to prevent injury. It will also tells you on what exercise you should be doing to keep your weight at a healthy level.

The third part is how your metabolism works. This part of genetic testing, in my opinion, are the best part. Because it gives you the insight on how your body are working an how we can optimize it to prevent further imbalances and diseases. Usually it covers your carbs, protein and fat metabolism. How your liver is working. How your kidney is working. And much much more.

The fourth part is what kind of diseases that you potentially can have. This is usually gives you more information about degenerative diseases that potentially increases as you get older. It usually covers cancers, Alzheimer, autoimmune diseases. And also diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

The fifth part is what kind of drugs you should use and avoid. This is getting more useful now then ever. With more of chronic diseases popping out and many medications failed to gives good results, it’s good to know which drugs and medications that are truly working for you and which one are not.

Not all the genetic testing are the same. They are differences in types of test they will gives you, the pricing and their level of support. For best results, always consult a practitioner first before getting a nutrigenomic tests. This is also to make sure you will get the maximum benefit from the test by having good interpretations on the results and give you a clear directions on where you should be going.

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