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Finding Our Core Problems

Finding The Root Cause of Medicine

When a health problem arise, it is rarely because of one single cause. In chronic illness, there are always more than meet the eyes that we need to see to solve the problems. And although discomforts are why we seek medical treatment in the first place, symptoms based approach never heal anyone.

Your Genes Makes For Who You Are

We used to talk about genes and how it affect our health and disease progression, yet it has never been fully understood. Now, medicine progress to a whole new level where it incorporates gene for a brand new ways of medicine practice : Personalized Medicine. Find out here more about what it and how you can use it to maximize your potentials.

How Microbiome Save Your Lives

Our body is not ours alone. Along with millions of human cells, lives trillions of tiny bacteria that helps us everyday and important for our survival. Read more to find out how these little creatures works daily to save our lives.

The Power of Micronutrients

Micronutrients have been overlooked for years. Their presence were thought to be less important than exercise and drugs. Yet, in their absence, many disease flourishes to a degree where drugs alone is just not enough. Get to know more about micronutrients and their ultimate role.

I'ts More Than Just A Lifestyle

When we talk about lifestyle, most of us see it as a gimmick, something that is nice to say. Not Many people realize it's importance. But done right, your lifestyle can be your ultimate savior. From food to exercise. Everything can add to your body for a lasting health

The Rise of The Tired and Wired

Fatigue has overtaken the world. We used to have vibrant health. With glowing energy that keep us going for productive week. But now, many people start to feel tired and wired in their 30's and sometimes even less. Is it us? Or is it our environment?

About dr. Lisa

I am an Anti Aging and Functional Medicine Based Practitioner

My name is Lisa, So nice to meet you!

My formal degree is in medicine and I work as general practitioner. Though, my true education comes from experiences along with various education from several medical fields that eventually shaped me who I am.

Today, I help people like you to rediscover their health. We start by observe your symptoms, uncover your history, and calculate your environmental factor of diseases. Only then, we decide which path to take for you to really transform and achieve optimum health.

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