How Microbiomes Saves Your Lives 

"The Symbiotic Harmony That Keeps On Giving"

Our body is not ours alone. We are actually a jungle. There is a whole different world inside all of us. And no it’s not only consisted of our cells. Yes, we have millions of cells that spread all over our organs and body's systems. But do you know? We have over trillion bacteria, fungi and viruses that lives among our cells. There is practically, a whole new world inside every human being that is full of microorganisms. This is what we called microbiome.

The major part that keeps microbiome good and healthy is our microbiota, the good ones, aka probiotics. Currently there are 10,000 species of microbiota that has been found and identified. But, the numbers keep growing and growing. This only proves that our knowledge of our own body is an ever growing library. Some of their names probably is not entirely new for you, such as lactobacillus, saccharomyces and Bifidobacteria.

Most of these microbiotas lives in our gut. And this is why most people used to say gut microbiomes. But, the truth is microbiota lives on and in our entire body. From our skin, mouth, nose, gut, and even our lady’s part. Such as Malaszeia furfur and Lactobacillus helveticus that resides in our skins. There are also Streptococcus mutans and Veillonella that inhibit our mouth and lives on the surfaces of our teeth and gums. Both of these species are the culprit for oral cavities if their numbers are overpopulated.

The beauty of these microorganism is that they build symbiotic between each other, and with our cells. This creates harmony. Inside our health system, microbiota play roles that are far more than just coexists. One example where probiotics play major roles in our nutritional status is Lactobacillus plantarum V299 that helps our body absorb more iron. In an iron deficiency cases, this microbiota can help us so much to get the iron form our food and supplements into our system. There are also Lactobacillus reuteri strains ATCC PTA 6475 and ATCC 55730 that involved in the production of Vitamin B12 and folate. Thus, without their presence these 2 crucial vitamin can’t be produced in our body.

"The beauty of these microorganism is that they build symbiotic between each other, and with our cells. This creates harmony."

The simple saying of “Everything start from the gut” has become clearer than ever. We now can see the correlation between gut health and immune, hormones, brain and even our heart health. Surround by multiple factors that created Gut Brain Axis and Microbiome – Immune interactions, microbiomes are our health guard front and center.

Since majority of the microbiota resides in our gut, it is no wonder that their ultimate roles are also resides within the digestives system. From helping our bowel movement, increasing our gut local immune system and also helping allergies. Several studies has been performed that indicates correlation between balanced microbiome level and the reduction of gastric ulcer, constipations, and diarrheas.

Not limited to only digestives issues, exczema and even knee pain are improving with the helps of good probiotics balance. On some studies, insulin sensitivity are also increasing which means good news for diabetics since it will reduce their insulin need and also their medications bill.

Good gut microbiome also beneficial to reduce the risk of hypertension and developing heart diseases. And this already been proven by a studies that connect the risk of having heart disease with the balanced of microbiome where in hypertension, several bad bacteria such as Klebsiella and Prevotella play the main roles. These results can happen also because of the close relationship of the gut and immune system but also with all other health system and our body.

3 Ways To Balance Microbiome

There is importance of maintaining the balance of microbiomes for our survival and health optimization. The benefits of microbiome can only be achieved in its balance states. If the balance is tipped, then it will be a source of many different diseases.

There are several ways to balance your microbiome. The first one is to consume enough of probiotics which we can get from fermented food such as yoghurt, ghee, kefir, and sauerkraut.

Besides eating probiotic food, we also need prebiotics that is needed for these good bacteria to flourishes. You can get prebiotics from adding bananas and garlic to your daily meal. Having both of balanced probiotic and prebiotics will ensure our health thrive in a good gut environment. 

The third is to get rid of the bad habit that can wreck your microbiome balances. The number one of these habit is sugar.  By eating sugar, you are giving food to most of bad bacteria. If the bad bacteria flourishes, than they will overpopulated our gut and overthrown and kill the good bacteria. This will in turn tip the balance and making us sick.

So that is how microbiome saves your lives. Creating a good gut microbiomes give you the cutting edge solutions you need to enhance not only your digestives health but also your entire body metabolism.

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