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Fatigue To Fit 

(Book - English)

The problem with health in general in our society today is the lack of energy. Our energy is made in the mitochondria, microscopic structures that are present in the core cells in the body. When the cells have enough power, the organs work wonderfully together, and metabolism can be at its optimum level.
Inspired by studies and research around the world about energy and mitochondria, the Fatigue To Fit book offers an approach that maps the pathway to restore the body's energy and balance the energy production system.

Anti Aging for Busy Moms (Book - Indonesian)

No one wants to age faster, let alone having chronic diseases. But the datas shows that the incident of premature aging and chronic diseases are increasing tremendously. 

In this book, dr. Lisa offer her own primary proceses to slow down aging and prevent chronic diseases. Focus mainly on Lifestyle Medicine, Anti Aging for Busy Moms crafted specifically to be followed through it's simple yet effective steps.