4 Ways to Work With Me

As your guide and support, I hold space for you to grow through your changes during this healthy journey. Through collaboration and trust, I'll help you uncover everything you need to create better health and thriving life.

How To Work With Me?

Please choose the step that will best support your need :

Restore Your Energy

Health Consultation

"When You Give Your Body The Gift Of Health, 

It Gives You The Gift of Life."

when fatigue gives you problems and you need more energy

Do you have fatigue or ongoing tiredness?

Do you want to gain more energy?

Fatigue To Fit is a self study program that equipped with all the knowledge and tools that you'll need to beat fatigue and increase your Daily Energy Level.

when you want to optimize your whole body metabolism

Chronic pain, unresolved stress, multiple chronic diseases and sluggishness..

If you have these multiple of the above symptoms then you'll need to consider optimizing your whole body metabolism.

Think this as a RESET button where you'll have the chance of a better and optimized health that support your career, business and life.

The Energy Code is a 6 months Full Supported Program that provide personalized solutions, assistance, and community support.

You Can't Heal What You Don't Know

When you know what is the ROOT CAUSE of your health problems, suddenly you know what needs to be done to let the body heal.

when you need 1on1 consult and ongoing support

Do you have specific health problems such as hormone, immune or gut related problems?

Reach out to get a personalized 1on1 help with community support that will aid in your healing process.

Balanced Health is a package of 1on1 consultation which enables you to have more time and hand holdings.

when you need a fast & personalized solution

There are those moments when all you need is to solve parts of your health problems. This could be your diet, sleep problems, or even a thorough review on your ongoing medical treatment.

Need an eye for your Nutrigenomic or DNA Test result?

Yes, this is the one that you should choose.

VIP Wellness Day offer you the maximum benefit in short time. 

Maybe We Haven't Officially Met...
dr. Lisa Silvani

Hi, I’m Lisa Silvani. I'm a medical doctor and practice Anti Aging, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine.
So, what does that mean? When I treat and make a health plan for my patients, I look at genetics, lifestyle, and environment before planning the best ways for them to get back on their health. It's not a one size fits all type of treatment, it's a personalized medicine. My goal is to help people transform their life by taking the healthy journey to their best self.
I help people especially women to reduce their health burden, balance metabolism, increase energy & optimize Quality of Life. I do this with my workshops, 1on1 consultation, courses and group programs.
I love it when people manage to change their life because their health has improved with better lifetsyle choices. I hope the same thing for you.

Stay Healthy,